Yet another bright cushion!

I’ve finished another cushion! Do you think I may have a little bit of a cushion obsession going on?


Isn’t it gorgeous? I think 2015 is going to be the year of colour for me.

This is where I found the pattern for the squares:


I used dk wool and a 3mm hook. This time I added button loops and buttons for the opening rather than inserting a zip, for no real reason other than I fancied a change

Here it is on my very colourful sofa


And here it is being welcomed by its siblings

WP_20150129_005I really think I must stop with these cushions now and get on with the knitted one, but it’s just such fun to play with bright colours.


A peek at my amigurumi shelf

Most of my posts up until now have concentrated on my efforts to crochet my house, however I’m more usually to be found crocheting small dolls and animals. So today as I haven’t advanced enough on either of my cushions to make it worth posting, I thought I’d show you some of the past projects I’ve designed and made.


This is the bottom shelf of my bookcase, filled with lots of cute amigurumi.

As that’s not the best photo, here are a couple of closer photos



I try to keep most of them packed onto my shelf, however several of them have escaped and are dotted around the rest of my room.


A funky zebra sits on the top shelf, guarding my stash of ribbon


And then a polar bear and slightly bashful owl sit at the other side of the shelf.

If you would like to see more of my designs, feel free to pop over to my design blog where you can also meet my disco dancing robot.

Superman part 2, and the start of a new crochet cushion

After my disaster with the sizing of the Superman cushion I went back to the drawing board (well laptop anyway) and redesigned the pattern. This time I decided to make the cushion square.


These are the balls of yarn I’m juggling at the moment,


Not too many of them yet, but I know the further up the cushion I get the more balls of yarn I add in – something for me to look forward to ­čÖé

As I find knitting a little slow and more of a challenge, I like to do some crochet in between my knitting projects. I was browsing on pinterest (hands up anyone else who spends lots of time drooling over the gorgeous things on there!) and found a tutorial for a beautiful crochet cushion made up of squares. Here are the first two of my squares:


Such a pretty design for squares, I think I’m going to enjoy making this cushion.

A big oops!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve taken a short detour into knitting and was working on my first knitting design. I’d planned and designed a new cushion, got the yarn out and began to knit.

All was going well,


I’d even been patient with the knots that developed at the end of each row


And then I finished it


Now what you can’t see very well from this photo is the proportions, in fact I would even go so far as to say it looks pretty reasonable, but sadly photos can lie

WP_20150122_014 Superman underpants anyone?

How many colours can I put on my sofa?

Hooray, I’ve finished my 2nd cushion


It’s very bright, but just the thing to cheer up these grey winter mornings.


I made the same crochet pompom edging as my first cushion, but used a different colour for it. It’s my daughter’s favorite colour so she’ll be happy when she gets home from school and sees it, and I suspect it will soon end up in her bedroom, but for the time being it can live with its sibling on my sofa.


Ooh my room is beginning to look like a crochet-er lives here. And one final photo, just because I’m in love with the bright colours.


A brief detour into knitting

Well I know you were expecting me to post a photo of my finished cushion, and don’t worry it is still a work in progress, however I must confess to getting distracted and starting another project while my diagonal striped cushion was discarded in my crochet bag (who am I kidding, a bag would never be big enough for all of my unfinished crochet projects!)


This is what I have been distracted by, my first attempt at designing a knitting pattern! My mum taught me to knit while I was quite small, you know the words I’m sure “in, round, through, off” and I still chant this as I’m knitting, but up until now knitting has always come second to crochet. But this year I’m determined to pick up the needles and develop my knitting designing skills. Now I’m not going to tell you what design it is yet, especially as I’m not quite sure how it will work out, but hopefully in a later post I’ll be able to show you and maybe, if you’re very good I’ll share the pattern with you too.

To finish I thought I would prove that I am still working on the striped cushion, here is the front (you would’ve thought those darn ends would have been sewed in by now!) and the back, so you can see I’m almost there.


Stripes are back but this time they’re diagonal!

I’m doing well on my home crochet make over. To go alongside the stripy cushion I made earlier this week I’ve now started work on a diagonal striped cushion.


Wow look at all those ends still to run in!


I’m going to work the back in this colour,


and instead of crocheting pompoms I’m thinking of making some real pompoms to add at the corners, but of course that may well change as I’m putting it together.

I made it by starting with a single stitch, and increased at the start and end of each row until I had 70 stitches, I then decreased at the start and end of each row until I’d got down to a single stitch again. I used half trebles again so it was similar to the other one I made.

Hopefully I’ll finish the back this evening and can have the big reveal tomorrow.