Dippy The Dinosaur Crochet Pattern

Today I’m feeling generous!  How would you like a free pattern?  Something cute you say?  How about a pattern for this little fellow?


This lovely blue dinosaur is made from Stylecraft Special DK (click here for their website)


And this cute pink one is made from DMC Natura 4ply cotton (click here for their website)  I used a 2.5mm hook for this one.  One quick tip: Don’t overfill the head of this one as I did, or he won’t stand up on his own and you’ll have to use cotton reels to prop him up 🙂

You can see that the pattern converts pretty well between the DK and the 4ply yarn, so I say just go with whatever yarn you have to hand at the time.  Remember to use a hook that is one size smaller than the yarn band states, that way your stitches will be tight and you won’t see the stuffing between the stitches.

Without any further ado here is the pattern for you to download, just click the link below, cross your fingers and hopefully it’ll download a pdf for you.  You should then be able to print or save it to your computer.


Please let me know if you find any errors in this pattern, it’s so easy for them to slip through when you know the pattern.  And if you make one I’d love to see photos of it.  Perhaps we can have a dinosaur hall of fame in the comments below?

Before I go, here are a couple more photos to inspire you.





simple blanket

I often find when I sit down of an evening that I get restless. I can’t just sit on the sofa watching the tv, I have to be doing something at the same time. The only problem is that while during the day time I can concentrate on complicated patterns, by the evening that part of my brain has shut down so I have to turn to something easy and not complicated at all.

This week I’ve been working on a few patterns for magazines, so of an evening I’ve been making something for myself, using my favorite bright colours. This time it’s not a cushion, it’s a blanket, using more Stylecraft special DK, and using the v-stitch.


I’m not sure where I saw this stitch, probably pinterest (anyone else addicted to that site?), but I liked the simplicity of it. I’m just using random colours from my stash and working a row in each colour.

I’m planning on putting this blanket on the back of my other sofa, but I don’t think it’ll be ready anytime soon, as I’m in no rush to complete it, I’m just enjoying the process of making it.

Superman Cushion

Ooh I nearly forgot to show you, I’ve finished my first knitted cushion:


It was a real labour of love as it took absolutely ages to knit, as I am quite a slow knitter, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I think for the next pattern I would change the size of the cushion and make it slightly smaller as it has turned out a little larger than I’d planned, but for a first attempt at writing my own pattern, I’m happy.

Extreme Crochet

Have you ever tried extreme crochet? A year or so ago I bought a giant crochet hook, I think it’s probably a size 24mm, and started to hook up a blanket. Sadly it proved too thick to be a blanket, (unless you live in the Arctic!) and as I didn’t need a rug, it just sat on my shelf gathering dust. Today I decided that it needed a new lease of life, so I pulled it all back and wound it into this ball of yarn.

WP_20150212_001 1

It looks just like a normal ball of yarn doesn’t it, until you see this photo


Yes, that is a 3mm hook sitting in front of it, and here it is again

WP_20150212_005 This time with an 8mm hook in front of it. It’s a massive ball of yarn. I really don’t know how many separate balls of yarn are I used in the first place, I might count them when I come to use it, but I might not be that organised. I know I used 6 stands of yarn at a time, and once a ball ran out I just knotted a new one in and carried on going. I also didn’t bother keeping to the same yarn each time I changed it, I just knotted in whichever yarn I found that fitted in with the colour tone of the whole thing.

I do have an idea of what I’m going to make with this giant ball of yarn, but I’m not telling you yet, you’ll just have to check back soon and see 🙂

Sally and her Technicolour Sofa

It’s official, I’m definitely a crochet cushion addict!  My sofa has grown yet another cushion


This time I’ve used the corner to corner (c2c) stitch.  I actually had no intention of making any more cushions, but then I went to my crochet group last Wednesday and two of my friends were making blankets using this stitch and I just had to try it.


As usual I’ve used htr to make a plain back to the cushion, and I’ve added another pompom edging and a zip to the cushion.


Soon there won’t be any room left for anyone to sit down.  I seriously do have an addiction problem.

Playing with photos

This morning I’ve been playing with my camera.  There is a reason for this, I have some sewing magazine commissions coming up, and which need me to take clear, well lit photos for them to use, but since the last time I wrote for them I’ve had to buy a new camera, and I’m having a bit of a job getting used to the new settings.  Sadly in the UK this morning the light is so awful and even with the help of a daylight lamp, this is how the photo came out originally, and next to it is how it came out after a bit of Photoshop Elements processing.


I thought it might be interesting for me to show you what I did to get from the original photo to the finished one.

Firstly I adjusted the levels setting on Photoshop Elements – I’m using an old version of Elements as it still does what I need and I refuse to pay for more software when I don’t absolutely have to!  I used the white selection tool to find the lightest part of the background which was actually a white sheet, and clicked it.


Much better already.  Next I adjusted the brightness and contrast – I changed each to +15, but this is better done by eye as it’s easy to go too far.


Next I adjusted the colour saturation to +15 – again do this by eye as it really depends on the colours in your toy – you really don’t want to make it too bright.

And finally I cropped the photo in tightly, to show off the zebra without any unnecessary background.


What do you think? Do you have any more hints and tips for taking craft photos?

I’m a little teapot short and stout!

I don’t know about you but often when I design and photograph a crochet toy I get a song running through my head. With this robot I kept singing D.I.S.C.O.


I can just see him bopping away on the dance floor to all the cheesy 70s hits. I’m sure it’s partly the funky fabric I used behind him, but he just seems to have all the moves programmed into him.

And with this crochet hobbit toy for my son I thought his theme tune should be ‘Gonna Make you a Star’ by David Essex (look up his wikipedia page and you’ll see what I mean)


I absolutely love the way his hair came out, even if it did take me hours and hours to knot and then split each individual piece of yarn.

This robot is my particular favourite though. I think he looks just like he’s mid way through doing the actions to the child’s rhyme, “I’m a little teapot short and stout, here’s my handle, here’s my spout” 🙂


Either that or he’s strutting down the catwalk to strains of Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m too sexy’. What do you think? Do you have any toys that are so cool they need their own theme tune?