Dippy The Dinosaur Crochet Pattern

Today I’m feeling generous!  How would you like a free pattern?  Something cute you say?  How about a pattern for this little fellow?


This lovely blue dinosaur is made from Stylecraft Special DK (click here for their website)


And this cute pink one is made from DMC Natura 4ply cotton (click here for their website)  I used a 2.5mm hook for this one.  One quick tip: Don’t overfill the head of this one as I did, or he won’t stand up on his own and you’ll have to use cotton reels to prop him up 🙂

You can see that the pattern converts pretty well between the DK and the 4ply yarn, so I say just go with whatever yarn you have to hand at the time.  Remember to use a hook that is one size smaller than the yarn band states, that way your stitches will be tight and you won’t see the stuffing between the stitches.

Without any further ado here is the pattern for you to download, just click the link below, cross your fingers and hopefully it’ll download a pdf for you.  You should then be able to print or save it to your computer.


Please let me know if you find any errors in this pattern, it’s so easy for them to slip through when you know the pattern.  And if you make one I’d love to see photos of it.  Perhaps we can have a dinosaur hall of fame in the comments below?

Before I go, here are a couple more photos to inspire you.





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