Our latest Yarn Bomb: woodland trail

When our local primary school asked us if we’d like to do something yarn-y for their summer fete, we jumped at the chance. After a quick browse for ideas on pinterest, we settled on a Yarn trail.

First of all we staked the posts where we wanted them, we thought this would be the hardest part as it hadn’t rained for about a week before and the ground was dry, however it turned out that this was the easy part. IMG_16080127563500

Next came the fun part, we began to wrap the yarn around the stakes. We wrapped (Even Mr DitzyandDotty gave us a hand!)


And we wrapped


And wrapped some more


It took hours!  Several of us spent a whole week wrapping yarn in every spare moment.  We even enlisted the help before school of some of the year 5 and 6 girls as you can see in the photos above.  After approximately 30 hours of winding, somewhere in the region of 100 balls of yarn, and 40 stakes, this is what we ended up with:


A lovely trail all wrapped up in gorgeously bright yarn, complete with bunting and crocheted creatures hiding in the trees.



Before I go I would just like to thank Sydenhams who donated the lovely wooden stakes, and also Stylecraft who donated a large bag of brightly coloured yarn which helped us make the trail look so lovely.  Thank you lovely people, the children were thrilled.  In fact they loved it so much we are leaving it up until the end of term so they can play in it for longer. Continue reading