Bookcase Makeover

Not strictly a yarn project that I have to share today, but this bookcase does hold all my yarn so I guess with a little stretch of the imagination we could pretend that this is a yarn-y project.

Let me introduce you to my bookcase


It arrived at my house a few years ago from a local charity shop and it sits next to my work desk and holds as much yarn as I can physically pack onto the shelves (and boy am I good at packing it in!)  So firstly I emptied it, which took quite a while and lots and lots of storage boxes, here is the bookcase waiting patiently for it’s new look.


I bought some Grand Illusions paint from a local shop, and gave it a couple of coats, then to my delight I discovered that the shade of paint I’d bought went perfectly with a roll of wallpaper I bought about 5 years ago when a DIY shop I’d visited was closing down and selling off wallpaper rolls for £1 each.


So I spent a couple of hours cutting and gluing the wallpaper to the backboard and voila, here is the finished bookcase


and a close up view of the wallpaper, just in case you are interested


I’m so pleased with how lovely my bookcase now looks, I think I’ll have to go back to the charity shop and have another look for another project.


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