Blanket Colour Schemes

As I use a lot of Stylecraft Special DK yarn, I often end up with a lot of scraps hanging around waiting for a project to use them on.  And while I love sorting through the scrap box just looking at all the lovely colours, I decided that I really must do something with them.  So I grabbed the box, cast on 125 stitches and just begun making a blanket.


I’m using rows of trebles with each following row worked between the trebles of the previous row.  Each time I finish one of the scraps I just grab a random ball, tie it in and use it until it is finished.  This blanket is still a work in progress, however what I have discovered while crocheting this is that there are so many gorgeous colour combinations, some of which I would never have dreamed of putting together. So I thought I’d pick out some of these colour combinations and photograph them so when I’m stuck for a colour scheme later on I can nip back to this post and find one I like.  The only problem I’ve found with using scraps is that I didn’t label them so I’m a little confused with which colours I used, but to the best of my knowledge these are the colours.


Pomegranate, Pale Rose, Magenta, Violet, Petrol, Sherbet


Lipstick, Magenta, Wisteria, Cream, Fiesta


Candy floss, Pomegranate, Turquoise, Petrol, Citron, Lime, Lipstick


Candy floss, Aspen, Lipstick, Dark Brown, Turquoise, Gold


Fiesta, Spice, Lime, Grape, Sherbet, Pale Rose, Citron


Lipstick, Cream, Turquoise, Clematis, Violet, Magenta, Sherbet


Lipstick, Citron, Pale Rose, Sherbet, Violet, Lime, Spice, Fiesta


Spring Green, Aspen, Lipstick, Dark Brown, Turquoise, Gold


Candy Floss, Cream, Sunshine, Spice, White.

Hopefully those are the right colours, I really must add a shade card to my next order of the yarn or at least get a little bit more organised and label my scraps.


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