Searching for the elusive “cute”

I make quite a lot of amigurumi creatures and so am interested in the science of “cute”.  So many times I’ve made things where the shape is fine, it looks like the idea I had at the beginning, but it’s just not “cute”.

Take this helicopter I’ve just made for example:


I was making it for my 2 year old nephew, and as such it is fine for him, he will love it, but it’s not what I’d call “cute”

Google’s definition of cute is:

Attractive in a pretty or endearing way 

But is there a formula to achieving cuteness?

The website CartoonBrew,  lists the following as attributes of cuteness

  • Head large in relation to the body.
  • Eyes spaced low on the head and usually wide and far apart.
  • Fat legs, short and tapering down into small feet for type.
  • Tummy bulges—looks well fed.

I have managed to make some cute things before, this is my particular favourite.

And I guess it does follow the above attributes, but as for my helicopter, I think I need to go back to the drawing board.  Watch this space for a new updated version of the helicopter, once I’ve been off and “cutified” it.


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