Mens super chunky knitted hat pattern

The weather here in the UK has begun to turn a little wintery.  We’ve had quite a few chilly and misty mornings, so when I was at the shops I picked up 2 balls of this lovely yarn.


I always forget to take a photo before I actually start as I’m so excited to begin, but I’m sure you get the idea .  The shade were 1706 & 1719 just in case you are interested, although I’m not sure which colour is which number as I ripped the bands off and started knitting without taking too much notice.

Anyway Mr D&D is always complaining that his head gets cold while walking the dog, so I decided to make him a hat.  Here it is, beautifully modelled by my son.


The yarn itself is lovely and soft, and knitted up so quickly. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and luckily for me I had enough wool in the two balls to make another 2 hats, with different colour ways, one of which is pictured below.



I would definitely recommend this yarn, as its a dream to knit with.


The pattern below is for the hat with a single stripe, like the half finished knitting above. If you prefer the one with lots of stripes, just follow the same pattern and change colour every 4 rows.

Use 7mm knitting needles, cast on 48 stitches

In colour A
Rows 1-4: *k1, p1* to end

Change to 10mm needles and colour B
Rows 5-8: *k1, p1*

Change to colour A
Rows 9-10: *k1, p1*

Change to colour B
Rows 11- 25: *k1, p1*

Row 26: k2tog to end of row
Row 27: k2tog to end of row.

Cut off long tail of yarn, thread it into wool needle, and feed through remaining stitches.  Pull tight, and sew the seam together.  That’s it.

I managed to make each hat in a single evening, so they’re a lovely quick project. I just wish I’d picked up another ball of grey as now I’d love to make a scarf to go with them.


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