Crochet Superhero Frisbee

While doing my usual housework procrastination by spending a little (or a lot of) time on Pinterest, I came across crochet frisbees (hehe the predictive text on my tablet keeps trying to change the word frisbees to fetishes…now that’s a whole other post!) Ahem…now where was I, oh yes, crochet frisbees. The day after seeing the frisbees, I happened to walk past a shop selling Marvel superheroes merchandise and this is where my brain took me:

Crochet Frisbee + Marvel = Captain America Shield Frisbee

It was a little bit of a challenge for me to work the pattern out as it’s worked in the round and as any of you who have tried to create a particular shape while working in the round can attest, the shape gets skewed because of the angle and height of the stitches. This was my first attempt:FrisbeeSm2frisbee3backSm

Not too bad, but a little off on the left hand side of each spike. So I tried drawing the shape out, resorting to raiding my daughter’s pencil case to borrow her geometry set and her coloured pencils (which were actually mine before she “borrowed” them for a school project)


But the drawing got a little complicated so I resorted to my usual way of designing … trial and error. I think I made and unpicked the star about 5 more times before I was happy with it, but here is the final star.


And here it is after the edges have been put on.


The second version is a fair bit bigger than my first attempt, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the star is a lot straighter


I was intending on making them for each of my 5 nephews as a Christmas present, assuming that my own children were too old for them, but as this photo of my daughter proves, you’re never too old for a Captain America frisbee.


Over the next few days I’ll try and get the pattern in a readable state and then, if you’re really good, I’ll share it with you.


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