Superhero Frisbee Free Pattern

Remember this frisbee?

frisbee7smAs promised (and only slightly later than I’d intended), I’ve finished the pattern, and you will find a pdf file of it to download later in this post.

One thing you should know is that you will need to carry a second colour around the back of your crochet while making it, this not only helps with getting a neat colour change from white to blue for the star, but it helps stiffen the frisbee up – after all nobody wants a floppy frisbee!!!

Here is a photo of the front of the crochet to illustrate this point, I’m crocheting with the white yarn and carrying the blue yarn around the back of the stitches, crocheting over it with each stitch.


and this is the reverse of the crochet – you can see the blue yarn poking out from the back of the white stitches


Another thing I thought it worth showing you is the way I change colour during this pattern. In the photo below I’m changing colour from blue to white.  I’ve started the blue stitch, but before I finish the stitch, when I have two loops left on the hook, like this:


I then switch the yarn to white to finish the stitch


This gives you a nice neat colour change and should help you get the star looking nice.

Here is a pdf document with the pattern in it (hopefully I’ve attached it right, please comment if it doesn’t work and I’ll try again!)

Captain America frisbee

Please feel free to let me know if you find any errors in the pattern, that way I can fix it and update the file.

I’d also love to see photos if you make this.

Oh yes this pattern is not an official Marvel pattern, it is my own fan version, and is nothing at all do with Marvel, thanks.


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