Craft Table Makeover

After the success of my bookcase makeover, I decided that my craft table needed a bit of a revamp.


Here it is, very practical, but not very pretty.

My daughter has a bit of a love affair going with the shop Paperchase, and while I was in there with her last week I spotted some fantastic art papers that I thought would be just perfect to jazz the table up a bit.  So I bought 6 papers, which amazingly enough fitted perfectly on the table, with no waste at all.


The table has a folding section in the centre, which stores away when it’s not needed, so I had to cut a couple of the papers up so that they’d fit around this.  I mixed up some PVA glue and water, about half and half, glued the table, and then the back of the paper and began to stick them down.


It was quite tricky to get the papers stuck flat, and to work out any air bubbles before the glue stuck down, but with the help of my husband I managed it.


This is the middle folding section of the table, the papers were just the perfect width to cover it.

And here are a final few photos so you can see the papers close up.

TableSm5 tableSm6 TableSm8

We added a couple of coats of clear varnish to the table top once the glue had dried, just to make sure that it’s strong enough to cope with all the crafting that will be happening on it.

I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to find another makeover project now.



However I have found one small snag with using such busy papers – I’ve put 6 pins down and just can’t find them anywhere!



One thought on “Craft Table Makeover

  1. Your table looks great! Love the tea printed papers you used. I guess nothing is safe in your house now. HA HA Can’t wait to see what you makeover next.


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