Crochet Doodling

Crochet doodling, is that even a thing? Does anyone else do it? Or just me?  Let me explain what I mean. Often of an evening if I’m trying to relax, I’ll get out my basket of leftover yarn and let my imagination run free. It’s so refreshing to pick a random colour and to just crochet whatever comes into my head. No final destination in mind, just a random bunch of stitches and colours thrown together in no particular order. I find my mind drifting and my hands just getting on with forming stitches. 

Often I start with the first round of a granny square as that’s one of the first things I learned to crochet, but then it just takes on a life of its own. Sometimes I like the doodle I’ve created and start to refine the colours and the stitches until eventually get to a motif I want to make into a blanket, however just as often I don’t like the designs enough to take them any further, and they’re discarded into a basket of rejects. I don’t begrudge the time I spend on the rejected designs though, to me no time I spend crocheting is ever wasted.

Here are a couple of my recent crochet doodles

These have been consigned to the rejects bin! I don’t think the pattern holds together. Whether they’ll ever get fished out and adapted I’m not sure.
I do however like this doodle

I think these might stay out of the rejects bin and with a bit of tweaking, feature in my next blanket design, but I guess that just depends on what I doodle tonight.


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