One of those weeks

Do you ever have weeks where you can’t settle to anything? I’ve had one of those weeks this week. So far I’ve started a new crochet blanket design, that’s been rolling around in my subconscious for a couple of weeks,


but only made a few squares for it before I got restless and put it to one side. Then I found a cross stitch picture that I’d designed but not yet stitched,


so I started that, but then wondered if the design would convert to knitting so started to chart that out. But then I stopped that to design a tote bag that I’ve been asked to make for a Christmas bookazine, however I’ve got to wait for the fabric to be delivered so in the meantime I bought myself an adult colouring book and some pencils and started to colour!


Is there really any wonder that today my desk looks like this.


Fingers crossed for a more productive week next week.


Ideas for edging bunting

Continuing with my theme of bunting, today I thought I’d share a few ideas for bunting edging. Firstly a simple double crochet edging.

SmBuntingDCEdgeI started at the top right corner of the triangle and worked down each side working a double crochet(dc) into each stitch of the edge. When I got to the bottom stitch, I worked 2dc, chain 3, 2dc into that space. Then I worked back up the other side of the triangle with a double crochet into each stitch.

Another edging you could work is a shell edging

SmBuntingShellEdgeThis is quite a pretty edging, and is made by making 5 trebles into the stitch you want the shell to be in, slip stitch half way between that shell stitch and the position you want the next shell to be in, then continue with a shell made of 5 trebles. The bottom point is made of 3 trebles, chain 3, then another 3 treble.

The final edging I have to show you for today is a pompom edging

SmBuntingBobbleEdgeI think it’s my favorite edging of all time. You can find edging tutorials for these pompoms over on the blog Once Upon A Pink Moon, (click here to go straight to the page) I’ve slightly adjusted the pattern so the pompoms come out straight from the bunting edge.

Hope these photos give you some ideas on how to edge your bunting.

Next time I’ll show you some different ways to attach the bunting to the string.

I’m back!

Apologies for the short break in blog posts, no excuse other than lots of working (both craft work and not so craft work). That, coupled with a head cold that just wouldn’t leave, plus weekly physio for my recently replaced hip, has meant that something had to be neglected, and my poor blog was that thing.  But no more, now I’m back and have some things to share with you.

Firstly I thought I’d show you a couple of things I’m making for a new super secret yarn bomb that we are planning. Obviously I can’t tell you what we’re yarn bombing, otherwise it wouldn’t be super secret, but I can show you some of the things I’m making.


These two are pencil tops, to go onto the top of fence posts. The front one came out miles too small, so I’ve doubled up in the yarn, two strands instead of one, and a size 7 hook. I still have a way to go to make it big enough, but I’m happy that I’m on the right track this time.


These are a couple of blue squares, 30cm square. I can’t tell you what these are for yet, but I need several more plus a couple of white ones to finish the item.


And finally, our yarn bomb involves lots and lots of these. You can never have too many pompoms can you 🙂

We have a few months before this yarn bomb is assembled, and the plan is to make this our biggest yarn bomb to date. Stay tuned for more updates as the crochet progresses.

I’m gonna crochet my house

Since taking all of my Christmas decorations down I’ve been feeling that my house is a little empty and bland.  Although I have this lovely throw on the back of my sofa


nothing else in the house screams that a crochet-er lives here.  So today I decided to put that right and grabbed my box of scrap wool/spaghetti


a cup of tea in my new mug (essential)


and got started on making some cushions.


I’m using DK acrylic yarn (Stylecraft Special) with a 4mm hook.  The stitch is htr stitch and I’m changing colour after each row.  This is a lovely easy way to make cushions, and makes a reasonably tight fabric but the best bit is that it grows really quickly.

Every time I start a new project I tell myself to run in the ends as I go, but you know what – I never learn, sigh.


This is the finished cushion front (with those pesky ends still to be run in!)


I think I’m going to do the back in just a single colour (less ends to run in) and then I’ll think about the edging I’m going to put onto it.  I’m leaning towards crochet pompoms which I’ve always wanted to make but never found the right project – who knows, perhaps this may be the one.

Hello and welcome to my new blog

Add the title says, hello and welcome to my new blog. I started my old blog as a sewing blog which gradually got taken over by my crochet obsession, and as that obsession shows no sign of abating I thought it was time to make a separate space devoted to all things yarn.

Here are some of the crochet highlights from my old blog – why not nip over and have a look but hurry back, lots more yarn-y goodness over here very soon.