Yet Another Yarn bomb!

Our Happy Hookers have been very busy again – it’s almost the end of term at our primary school and not only is the headmaster leaving, but several of the children of our members are leaving (including my daughter).  To mark this important occasion what could we do but yarn bomb the playground fence.


It’s quite a large yarn bomb, we’ve filled up 5 sections of the fence, so here are some more photos of the sections:


There is lots of bunting on this section, some crocheted, some knitted, but what you can’t see is that the small crochet bunting has the names of each of the leavers on it.  Here is a close up of one piece:


The next section has some more name bunting on it, plus some giant flowers and lots and lots of pompoms.


This fence section has a wolf’s head on it and it is surrounded by sheep (the school symbol is a lamb) made from fleece.

Here is a closer photo:


And finally the showpiece of the yarn bomb:


A crocheted tardis for the headteacher to take with him to his new school. Check back tomorrow for a closer look at each of the elements that make up the yarn bomb.